27 и кусур сати Deadline! @WorldBank #WorldBank #Sachs

Нешто више од 27 сати до истека рока за пријаву званичних кандидатура за председника Светске банке. За сада постоји само један кандидат – професор Сакс. Међутим, игра изгледа да је тек почела.

Deadline Nears for World Bank Nominees (The New York Times)

The deadline for nominations to become president of the World Bank is 6 p.m. Friday. Thus far, the only named candidate is Jeffrey Sachs, the development economist and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.“

Last chance for a new World Bank (The Financial Times)Years ago, a simple chant united millions of Latin Americans in their desire to move away from dictatorship: cambia, todo cambia or everything changes. Well, the monopolistic, feudal and entitlement-based approach to appointing the president of the World Bank appears to be finally giving way to a more open, competitive, transparent and merit-based system.

As we count down to the official deadline on Friday, three highly credible professionals are on the verge of being nominated as official candidates to replace former president Robert Zoellick, namely José Antonio Ocampo from Colombia, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala from Nigeria and Jeff Sachs from the US, writes Mohamed El-Erian.“

Don’t Hire This Man (Foreign Policy)

Why Jeffrey Sachs is a terrible choice to be the next head of the World Bank.“


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