Штиглиц о подељености америчког друштва: Без коментара #JoeStiglitz #freeloaders

„Finally, we are a community — and all communities help those who are less fortunate among them. If our economic system results in so many without jobs, dependent on the government for food, then government has to step in. Our economic system has not worked in the way it should: It has not created jobs for all those who would like to work. Many of the jobs that have been created do not pay a livable wage.

We do have a divided society. But it is not divided, as Romney has suggested, between those who are free loaders and the rest, even if some of those who are paying taxes are not paying their fair share, and are free riding on those who do.

Rather, it is divided between those who see America as a community, and who recognize that the only way to have sustained prosperity is to have shared prosperity, and those who don’t.“





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