Фискална литица The #Fiscal #Cliff #Kahn Academy

За оне којима концепт Фискална литица није сасвим јасан, ова серија видео клипова чувене Кан академије ствар ставља на своје место.

Basic overview of the parameters of the budgetary negotiations (which are apparently trying to avoid the fiscal cliff).



One thought on “Фискална литица The #Fiscal #Cliff #Kahn Academy

  1. Вукашин Б. Васић Аутор чланка

    Ево шта каже Investopedia:
    Fiscal Cliff
    A combination of expiring tax cuts and across-the-board government spending cuts scheduled to become effective Dec. 31, 2012. The idea behind the fiscal cliff was that if the federal government allowed these two events to proceed as planned, they would have a detrimental effect on an already shaky economy, perhaps sending it back into an official recession as it cut household incomes, increased unemployment rates and undermined consumer and investor confidence. At the same time, it was predicted that going over the fiscal cliff would significantly reduce the federal budget deficit.
    Investopedia Says…
    Who actually first uttered the words „fiscal cliff“ is not clear. Some believe that it was first used by Goldman Sachs economist, Alec Phillips. Others credit Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for taking the phrase mainstream in his remarks in front of Congress…

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