Ethics and Infrastructure

Many high-profile economists now favor revising the eurozone’s fiscal rules to allow for public investment aimed at accelerating economic recovery, arguing that record-low interest rates would make increased capital spending by governments tantamount to the proverbial „free lunch.“ So why do German officials refuse to get on board?


Велика препорука. Суштина. Не морате бити економисти да бисте разумели оно што се догађа у глобалној привреди и зашто је она у Глобалној рецесији, без некихх реалних изгледа да из ње изађе. Превише је рупа на том ткању да има смисла стављати толике закрпе. Дефинитивно.

"It is no secret that Germany is deeply committed to upholding strong fiscal rules within the currency union. Its focus on “discipline” reflects, first and foremost, a predisposition embedded in Germany’s culture and universities to link economics with moral philosophy. Economic behaviors like thrift and avoidance of debt are desirable, because they are consistent with ethical standards of personal behavior."

Ко има ухо да чује, нека чује.

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