Structuring the unstructured: A pluralist economics mud map

„…integrating such insights into microeconomics is not easy. One has to tread a fine line between integrating new and important results without making the standard theory look completely useless to students. This is often advanced as an argument not to integrate newer results at all. I tend to disagree with this view. It supposes that students are unable to hold two opposing thoughts in their head, which I find more than a little patronizing….“

„If we want a viable pluralist economics curriculum, a way to structure ideas from the diverse schools of thought is absolutely crucial, and I hope this mud-map of economic domains can provide a starting point. New pluralist textbooks and teaching materials based on a structured inquiry can demonstrate how diverse ideas can be brought together, without creating conflict and without transforming the exercise into merely a process of selecting a school of thought that aligns with the student’s existing ideologies



Aпсолутно невероватан чланак! Изградити такав курикулум који ће омогућити ученицима и студентима да се упознају са различитим школама економске мисли.
Разуме се да то није лако. Једно су економске доктрине, а друго основи односно принципи економије.
Друго, за тако нешто потребни су капацитети: прво образовани и искусни наставници, а затим морални и непоткупљиви.
Тражим ли превише?
Ко има ухо да чује нека чује!
PS Само да ММФ не чује!

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