Sustainable Education – Towards the New Paradigm in Education

Vukašin B. Vasić, Nataša Petković

Dynamic changes in contemporary society and global economy urge for instant changes of education paradigm. This paper is an attempt to establish the bases of the new paradigm in education

sustainable education. The idea of sustainability in the new paradigm is, by the contents it encompasses, identical to the idea of sustainability in the concept of sustainable development. Sustainable education is a kind of education that, functioning as it does, does not threaten the education of future generations. The paper deals with the most important agent/institution in education system – a teacher. Teacher is a professional, and that fact implies an agent who is an expert, a personality to be looked up to, and an ethical person. What is specifically analyzed is the teacher ethics as well as the necessity of the holistic approach to improving teacher competencies aimed at developing students’ inclination and love for teaching profession. A teacher satisfaction is an elementary stand-fast for sustainable education to rely upon. Eventually, what is pointed to at the end of this paper is the potential directions and ways of excluding moral hazard from the system which actually is the crucial obstacle to establishing, ope rationalization, functioning and development of education system based on the new paradigm.

Keywords: education paradigm, sustainable education, professional teacher, public good, information assymetry, moral hazard, the teacher’s vow, „teacher first“

Ključne reči: nova paradigma obrazovanja, održivo obrazovanje, profesija nastavnik, javno dobro, asimetričnost informacija, moralni hazard, nastavnička zakletva, zadovoljan nastavnik

ODRŽIVO OBRAZOVANJE – KA NOVOJ PARADIGMI OBRAZOVANJA, Zbornik radova sa Međunarodne naučno-stručne konferencije „Inovacijama do održivog razvoja“, Fakultet za primenjeni menadžment, ekonomiju i finansije, Beograd, 7. decembar 2017., Beograd, str. od 484 do 491, ISBN 978-86-84531-30-0


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