The Prisoner’s Dilemma Revisited and Augmented: The Teacher as The Modern Sisyphus

Juan-Carlos HERKEN-KRAUER,Vukašin B. VASIĆ


The new demands imposed upon the education industry world-
wide by “globalization” and “information revolution” are analysed in this paper, centred on the ethical constraints surrounding the teacher, and the challenges facing management. The concept of the modern Sisyphus is presented herewith, to capture the “burnout” pandemic, the “lagging behind” and the “social virtual” mobbing pressures, of particular importance for universities. Both push the whole system to a systematic decline in the value of the services delivered, and hence the quality of the human capital absorbed by the students, as proved by a simulation using the classical game theory model of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Professors at the universities will give priority to their own survival, and collude with colleagues in order to escape the constraints imposed from above. This new modus operandi could, in the long term, depreciates the value of the signals given to the market by the education industry.

Keywords: Education Industry, Teacher´s Ethical Constraints, Modern Sisyphus, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Management Options

Asian Journal of Distance Education
© 2018 The Asian Society of Open and Distance Education ISSN 1347-9008 Asian J D E 2018 vol 13, no 2, pp 70 – 81


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