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О економији без коментара #economist #economics Alfred #Marshall

jmkeynesПреузето: Principles of Macroeconomics by Nilss Olekalns, Coursera.

Одлучио сам се да – без коментара – поставим овај цитат чувеног класичног економисте Алфреда Маршала о економској науци и економистима. Економска  наука није никаква мистификација и забава за доконе. То је изузетно захтевна интелектуална вештина која је нeопходан услов одрживости савремeне заједнице.

ПС Ако некога не мрзи, слободно нека преведе овај цитат у коментару.

Без коментара … Greg Mankiw ‘s Blog: A Cartoon for the Pigou Club

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Вукашин Б Васић‘s insight:

Без коментара.

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Без коментара: два лица капитализма #Venture #Capitalism Is Good, #Vulture Capitalism Is Bad

„There’s a real difference between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism. Venture capitalism, we like. Vulture capitalism, no“.


Без коментара No Comment #JoeStiglitz

The Impressive Illogic Of Joseph Stiglitz’s Nobel Economics

„Stiglitz wrapped up his article with perhaps the most egregious fallacy of all. He writes that in a healthy community, people help each other. Agreed. But his basic premise is that government must organize, fund, and control how members of the American community help each other. This is an enormous error.“


Штиглиц о подељености америчког друштва: Без коментара #JoeStiglitz #freeloaders

„Finally, we are a community — and all communities help those who are less fortunate among them. If our economic system results in so many without jobs, dependent on the government for food, then government has to step in. Our economic system has not worked in the way it should: It has not created jobs for all those who would like to work. Many of the jobs that have been created do not pay a livable wage.

We do have a divided society. But it is not divided, as Romney has suggested, between those who are free loaders and the rest, even if some of those who are paying taxes are not paying their fair share, and are free riding on those who do.

Rather, it is divided between those who see America as a community, and who recognize that the only way to have sustained prosperity is to have shared prosperity, and those who don’t.“





Aли ово је стварно без коментара … (#USrecessions)

Дубина и дужина криза у САД …


Без коментара: Због овога се игра кошарка! (#Euroleague) (#PartizanBC)

„Last week was an experience that I will certainly never forget. We played in Belgrade, Serbia, against Partizan, in one of the most hostile environments in all of Europe. I’ve been playing basketball in Europe for seven seasons now, including a year in Turkey where crowds are known to be frantic. The Partizan fans were by far the loudest, rowdiest crowd I’ve ever seen in Europe. I played major college basketball in the United States at Michigan State University, and the atmosphere and energy of that gym last Thursday night reminded me of just what it was like playing in college. Being my first time, I was shocked to see all the police in riot gear, protecting us as we walked in and out of the gym. The chants and songs of the fans were not only blaring, but understandable and in unison. I made sure I took a few minutes before the game, while I was stretching, to just look around me and soak everything in. I thought: „This is why we play basketball…for games and environments like this. Does it get much better??“

Chris Hill – Charleroi, Belgium